This is Rupert

Rupert is us

Rupert is a highly creative brand consultancy and design firm. We help companies and organizations of all sizes express themselves consistently and effectively, imbuing their communications with a clear sense of character and style. We specialize in discovering, articulating and launching brands that speak to our clients’ entire community, from customers to employees.

  • Noah Tannen

    Noah is the president and founder of Rupert. He employs a two-pen system when conducting audience interviews for added emphasis and efficient reviewing at a later date. Pencils are sharpened by hand for added strength and precision.

  • Jesselle Benson

    Jesselle is the account manager at Rupert. She utilizes an array of lists to ensure work progresses in an orderly fashion. Environmental concerns notwithstanding, she prints schedules single-sided to allow maximum visibility.

  • Mika

    Mika is a dog and has no official responsibilities.

  • Tim Hubner

    Tim is a graphic designer at Rupert. Tim is currently the only Rupert employee to have his own photocopier. The Risograph GR3750 uses ink instead of toner, allowing Tim to screen print without having to, you know, screen print.

  • Matty Harper

    Matty is the creative director at Rupert. An interactive designer by trade, he believes hand-tracing logos is the only way to get a proper understanding of their motion and space. His preferred coffee-to-cream ratio yields Pantone® 4665 C.

  • Jamie Azimova

    Jamie is also a graphic designer at Rupert. When focused she is capable of suspending basic needs like food or water. She achieves this state through the use of elastic bands, which hold her hair up and out of view, preventing distraction.

  • Duy Vo

    Duy is yet another graphic designer at Rupert. Adhesive notepads combined within a traditional sketchpad format enable a fluid review process. These "sticky notes” have the added benefit of providing a consistent reference frame for prototypical logo marks.

This is our work

Also, the meaning of life

This section of the website is where we display some of our work. It reflects years of professional enjoyment derived from learning new things, collaborating with smart people and solving problems through design, strategy and voice. We don’t take our work home with us, because that interferes with dinner, family and sleep. We do, however, think about it all the time. Because work is fun. If it weren’t fun, we would do something else. Perhaps find some good land up in the Skagit or down in the Willamette.

This is our philosophy

The brand truth

Building a brand is like making a sculpture. We gather materials, in this case research, goals, inspiration and intuition, among others. We spread our materials out and begin to arrange them, playing with their shapes and composition. When we’re ready, we delicately and deliberately apply adhesive to affix each piece, creating a coherent and interesting shape people will remember – maybe even love. In this metaphor, the glue is truth – the immutable force that holds brands together.

This is where we are

Talking to Rupert is as easy as pie. We love inquiries, portfolios and meeting new people, so go ahead and

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